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Lodge Hill   

Lodge Hill is maintained as private grazing land with permission to the general public to walk and exercise on 364 days of the year. This is in accordance with Dr Richard Turner's belief in the health benefits of fresh air and walking.

Extract from a note by Dr R D Turner on Dr R W D Turner’s understanding of Preventive Cardiology which is included as an Appendix to the Policies and Procedures of the Turner-Dumbrell Foundation.

"The Settlor of the Turner-Dumbrell Trust, Dr Richard W D Turner was a cardiologist all his life and was ahead of his time in realising that prevention is better than cure. He thought that providing access to the countryside would encourage people to get out and about on foot or on bicycles and find out how much better they felt if they did so.  He and Miss Dumbrell agreed that Lodge Hill, the paths surrounding it, and other open spaces in and around Ditchling would encourage the people of Ditchling to take exercise without needing to use a car. He saw the Turner- Dumbrell Foundation as a means of supporting projects with similar aims including owning land open to walkers, developing footpaths and repairing stiles etc."

Lodge Hill is closed to the public for one day each year ie December 21st.  This is for legal reasons to maintain the permissive status of the footpaths.  Footpaths lead onto the hill  from Boddingtons Lane, Lodge Hill Lane and from North End, opposite the Workshops.

As well as being enjoyed as a favourite place to walk, Lodge Hill is used by the community for such seasonal activities as Egg-rolling at Easter, Morris Dancing on May Day and an Ascension Day service.  Please ask for permission for any such events so we can let the farmer know in advance.

Excavation at Lodge Hill, Ditchling

The Turner-Dumbrell Foundation trustees gave permission for an excavation to be carried out on the summit on Lodge Hill in the summer of 2008 by a Sussex University MA student. See the full report