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Hedges on North End

Alex Rickman and Lana Shimmin of Wivelsfield have made a wonderful job of laying the hedges between the Bowries fields and North End.  This traditional method of hedge maintenance had all but died out by the 1960s but is still one of the best ways of creating a strong hedge.   Left unmanaged a hedgerow will continue to grow upwards and outwards and will eventually become a line of trees.

Good hedges are important for our wildlife, environmental, heritage and scenic value. A well managed hedgerow is thick and bushy, an impenetrable barrier to sheep and cattle and a haven for wildlife.  Cut stems are bent over at an angle, secured with stakes and in some styles binders along the top, so creating a living, stock-proof barrier. Hedgelaying is the only hedgerow maintenance method currently available which promotes regrowth from ground level and which will ensure the health and longevity of the hedgerow. Once a hedge has been layed regular trimming will keep it in good order for up to 50 years when it may be appropriate to lay the hedge again.