Charity No 289474

Apple Day

Apple Day was a resounding success.  It was a lovely autumn day and apple shaped poetry and pictures were created, bunting was organised and printed and will be sewn ready for next year and people made prints using the lovely big Museum press.  Monday Club bird boxes were sold, the PTA and Brownies came up trumps with apple bracelets, lanterns and apple monster creations and the Beavers' biggest apple competition had lots of entries.  Ditchling Orchards tea towels were designed and sold.  A wide variety of honey was donated and tasted, apples were frittered, bike powered smoothies were created.  Ditchling Morris dancers danced and the procession led by them and some excellent banner bearers up to the orchard where everyone was able to taste local variety apples.  Finally, none of this could have happened without the steadfast support and advice from HKD Transition group* and encouragement and support from Turner Dumbrell Foundation who loan the land.